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Mounted Miku Baby Monitor

Sleep Training | Using My Miku Baby Monitor

*This post contains an affiliate link for the Miku Baby Monitor.

When you become a new parent, the first thing you hear about from all others around you is how much sleep you are going to lose out on. And its true! Most babies don’t sleep for more than a couple hours at a time for the first few months of their lives. There are many reasons for it. As our babies get older though, they tend to wake often because of regular sleep patterns and inability to self-soothe. Some set of months in, parents start to get sleep deprived. Then we begin searching for all the answers on to how to sleep train our babies.

Let me start with this.


It really is. The assumption that this is not a normal habit is what has many people going crazy and questioning their parenting abilities. While it is normal for your baby to wake frequently, it is also important for them to learn how to soothe themselves. Even more so, it is important for you, as the parent, to be getting enough rest. What your baby really needs is you to be able to maintain your composure throughout the day and parent in an effective manner. According to an article on Psychology Today, dealing with sleep deprivation interferes with your ability to express joy. The article also gives reminders that sleep deprivation effects your mental processes, ability to stay calm and ability to handle your emotions. 

Why I Started Sleep Training

I knew I needed to sleep train my own children for a long time. Before Axel was born, I had Atlas sleep trained using the Taking Cara Babies guide (Ferber method). This method worked wonders at first! Room sharing, however, and adding a newborn to the mix proved the results to be short lived. Fast forward some time and we moved to a new place where the boys have their own room.

At this point, we had built up a habit of me going into their room anytime either of them awoke and I would rock them back to sleep. It got them back to sleep quickly, however, I became very sleep deprived. As a result, I had no time to do anything for myself. I was extremely exhausted all day and I became short tempered with them. Not to mention, it had me in a bad attitude all the time, which I inevitably took out on my partner. This was not a good situation and I knew something had to be done about it. 

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How I Went About It

I started out attempting to sleep train my kids using the Taking Cara Babies guides, just like I had the first time around. What I ended up noticing  this time, was my presence in the room every so often actually made my kids scream louder when I left. The night time wakes began extending and my sleep deprivation got worse. One night, while continuing this method, I was so exhausted that I wasn’t able to keep myself awake. I had to go lay down. Here’s what happened: THEY FELL ASLEEP QUICKLY! But how did I know this when I had fallen asleep myself? My baby monitor showed me that my kids went to sleep after less than 10 minutes of making noise.

Miku Monitor

Some time ago I worked as a brand partner with a baby monitor company called Miku Care. Miku is an award winning smart baby monitor that contains many features that help you feel comfortable knowing your babies are safe while they sleep. My favourite part about it? There are no wearables! Miku Care sent me a monitor to test out those many features. I thought it was cool, but didn’t fully understand just how useful it was until this night happened.

Miku Features

It Tracks Sleep Patterns

My favourite feature on the Miku Baby Monitor is its ability to track your baby’s sleep patterns without any wearables! One concern of mine was the relationship between wifi and radiation. I feel much more comfortable with the fact this monitor is at a distance and not hooked up directly to their body’s. Also, I know my children would definitely rip any accessory off themselves so this was a huge plus!

Through tracking breathing patterns and movement, the Miku Baby Monitor grabs a picture of your child’s sleep habits. It gives you a visual chart of how well they are sleeping along with some critical information when it comes to sleep training. As you can see in the pictures below, Miku shows you when the beginning of sleep occurred, wake up time, the quality of sleep, the overall accumulated hours of sleep and the average onset time. I use this information to help me figure out when and how my children sleep best.

For example, I can see that on Monday, March 9 (img_2), when my children only had one nap time and went to bed around 9pm, they had great quality sleep. This is now information that I can take into another day and analyze to see if the pattern is consistent. It allows me to get a better picture of what sleep habits work for my family.

It Monitors The Humidity In The Room

As many parents are aware, humidity levels are important in helping ensure that your baby is healthy and getting quality sleep. According to, too high levels of humidity can lead to congestion and runny noses. Too low humidity leads to dry noses, cracked lips and can increase the suffering from colds and viruses. Their recommendation for ideal humidity percentages are anywhere from 30%-50% year round.

humidity tracker miku
In this image, Miku tracks the humidity % alongside sleep/movement patterns so you can see how humidity levels affect your child’s sleep.

It Monitors the Temperature Of The Room

Have you ever been slightly cold at night and wondered if you should be bundling up your newborn in all the clothes? I have, and thats why this feature was super helpful for me. Since we no longer share a room with our kids, I was constantly fearing that they were too cold in their room. I thought that I was not dressing them warm enough. Taking a look at my Miku Baby Monitor, I am able to see the average temperature in the room while my babies sleep. Knowing that my children’s room is at an ideal temperature for sleep relieves a lot of unnecessary stress to make me better able to focus on sleep training them.

In this image you can see the temperature in the room and how it aligns with your child’s sleep habits.

It Tracks Breathing Patterns

The all time concern for parents with young children! Are they breathing?! How many times have you gone to check up on your baby’s breathing, only to end up waking them up? I can tell you, I have done it many times!

The Miku Baby Monitor tracks the real-time breathing patterns of your baby without any wearables. Like I said, this is ideal for many parents. No need to struggle with your baby to keep something attached to them all night. Isn’t that convenient?

In this image, Miku tracks breathing patterns alongside sleep/movement patterns so you can see how well your child is breathing at night.

It Plays Sleep Sounds

A bonus feature of the Miku Baby Monitor is its ability to play music and noise to help your baby sleep. You don’t need another device to do this! We used to have to use our Google Home to play white noise for the kids, which meant that we didn’t get to use it for ourselves 90% of the time. With the Miku Baby Monitor playing its own white noise, I can even control the volume, length of time and specific noise that is playing for my babies!

Sound and Music Selection on Miku app.


A final, most notable feature of the Miku Baby Monitor is its movement and breathing alerts. This is a crucial feature for us. This is what helped put Miku above other baby monitors. Because Miku Tracks breathing and movement from a distance, it can alert us when it cannot track movement from our kids. When there is no movement detected, you can allow the app to play an alert noise for you, so that even if you’re sleeping, you are woken up. Many times I have gotten this notification only to check the monitor and see that Axel has just moved himself out of detectable reach, but better safe than sorry!

Activity movement log on Miku app.

Sleep training is never an easy task. No matter how you do it, that attachment to your baby can be very real. Fear of the worst can set in. With the previously mentioned features of the Miku Baby Monitor, along with the ability to two-way talk, crypto security technology and night vision abilities, I have never felt more comfortable with my decision to sleep train. As a result of this comfort, my 2 year old and 10 month old are both sleeping through the night. And if they wake? They’ve learned to self-soothe and I am satisfied with the fact that I can check in on them without disrupting their sleep patterns.

miku monitor on shelf

Are you sleep deprived? Invest in a good quality baby monitor. I promise you, it makes all the difference in the world!