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Self-Care September Challenge 2020

September is Self-Care Awareness Month!

If you didn’t know, September is Self-Care Awareness Month! Throughout September, we are encouraged to put our self-care as a priority rather than leaving it on the back burner. Many individuals, whether you’re a mom, working woman or both, struggle to put themselves first from day to day. This leads to mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, stress and burnout! It can even lead to you having physical symptoms if you aren’t addressing the core problem from the beginning!

True self-care is a preventative measure rather than a management tool! This means it is important to be proactive and participate in activities that make us feel good before we get to the point of feeling bad. For this reason, my good friend and Youtuber, Lauren Monroe and I have chosen to start the Self-Care September Challenge! Here’s how it will work:

Self-Care September Challenge 2020

Throughout the month of September, we will be completing the weekly self-care challenges listed below and sharing them in our Instagram stories and on Youtube!

Week 1: Dress Up

Everyday this week put on something other than PJ’s! While many of us are stuck at home it is very easy to want to stay in our messy, dress down clothes or pj’s, but who says we can’t be comfy and dress up? Do your makeup and skip the sweats! Getting dressed up is proven to increase your productivity, so what are you waiting for? Put on your nice clothes and boost your positivity! Feel empowered!

Week 2: Get Moving

For week 2 of the #SelfCareSeptember2020 Challenge we encourage you to move your body! Go for a walk, do yoga in the morning, workout everyday. Whatever you choose to do, get moving and keep moving! Research has shown that 30 minutes of physical exercise daily can have the same effects on your mental health as Zoloft. In fact, its benefits can last much longer!

Week 3: Learn Something New Everyday

Personal development is a huge component of self-care. When we know better, we do better! This week take some time out of your day to learn something new in an area of interest! When you are consistently learning, it builds your confidence in yourself, and who doesn’t want that?! Read a new book, listen to podcasts, watch youtube videos, read blog posts. Do whatever you need to do to take that time to improve an area of your life!

Week 4: Cook A Proper Dinner Everyday

Maybe you already do this or maybe you’re like me and by the end of the day you’re too tired and overwhelmed to make a proper dinner. Instead of throwing something quick together, this week, try and make a full, well rounded meal every night. Doing this actually saves you money, is often healthier than take out and if you plan well it saves you time. On top of that, it can feel like a major accomplishment which also boosts your self-esteem!

4 Week Instagram Hashtag Challenge for Self-Care Awareness Month

If Being Repetitive Isn’t For You…

If you’re someone who enjoys switching it up every single day, I’ve also created a monthly calendar for you full of the self-care activities mentioned below!

1. Deep Breathing / Morning Stretches
2. Get Clear On Your Values
3. Get Dressed Up For The Day
4. Drink 8 Cups Of Water
5. Digital Detox Day
6. Start Saying Daily Affirmations
7. Do Something Nice For Someone
8. Go For A Walk 
9. Go To Bed Early
10. Declutter 3 Or More Items
11. Call Or Text Someone You Love
12. Digital Detox Day
13. Have A Long Hot Shower
14. Listen To A Podcast / Learn Something New
15. Morning Skincare Routine
16. Change Your Bedsheets
17. Burn A Candle / Diffuse Some Oils 
18. Do Nothing Productive
19. Digital Detox Day
20. Write Morning Pages
21. Do Something You’ve Been Putting Off 
22. Get Up And Watch The Sunrise
23. List Things You’re Grateful For
24. Cook A New Recipe
25. Put On A Face Mask
26. Digital Detox Day
27. Take A Nap 
28. Listen To Feel Good Music
29 . Social Media Declutter  
30. Take Yourself On A Coffee Date


This challenge is meant to encourage you to practice self-care daily as well! We would love to have you join us too! Here’s how:

  1. Complete an activity from our weekly challenge above or an activity from the calendar below to complete each day (or choose your own activity, self-care looks different for everyone!)
  2. Upload a picture of video to your Instagram Story / Feed daily to keep yourself accountable
  3. Tag us @atlasandaxel and @laurenmonroexo so we can see your posts and cheer you on!
  4. Use the Hashtag #SelfCareSeptember2020 so we can build a strong community through Instagram!
  5. At the end of each week, we will be selecting one participant who completed the self-care activity every day of the week, tagged us and used the hashtag to win a $10 giftcard from wherever they’d like!

To keep all my mama’s in mind, we’ve made sure that most of the activities included on this calendar are free and easy to do when you’ve not little time to spare! Print the Image below and post it on your wall as a reminder to practice your Self-Care September activities!

DM me on Instagram @atlasandaxel for a blank version of this calendar

Here’s to a month of growing, Happy Self-Care Awareness Month!

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