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My Morning Routine With Two Under Two

As a mom of two young children, starting off my day can be a real task. Most days I end up waking up to babies who instantly cry and it can be really stressful! As much as I’d love to wake up before my children to start the day, I often don’t. In this post I wanted to share with you my simple morning routine that I do with my babies by my side.


  • Open The Curtains
  • Go To The Washroom
  • Complete Your Skin Care Routine
  • Have Some Caffeine
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Brush Your Hair
  • Get Dressed
  • Go For A Walk

Start Your Day Off Right With This Simple Morning Routine For Mom’s To Energize You Throughout The Day.

Open The Curtains.

I do this before I do anything else. Vitamin D from the natural sunlight is a great way to start off your day slightly more energized! Research shows that getting even just 30 minutes of sunlight a day can boost your mood.

Where I live, the sun doesn’t shine everyday so I decided to invest in a sun lamp. They mimic sunlight in order to combat SAD and help re-energize your body.

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Go To The Washroom.

Go ahead and bring baby with you. I usually leave Axel in his crib because he sleeps in later and Atlas joins me. We have lots of bath toys so he usually just plays with those while I continue my morning routine. If we’re having a particularly rough day, I will put Atlas in his high chair with some breakfast early and keep the washroom door open so I can see him.

Complete Your Skin Care Routine.

Wash, serum, sunscreen, moisturizer. Such a quick and simple routine, but this usually makes me feel that much more awake!

Have Some Caffeine.

Prepare or order some coffee as you get breakfast ready. I have a slight obsession with McDonald’s vanilla iced coffee, so I usually will order myself some in the mornings to get me going. If it is a nice day though, I will wait until we go on our morning walk to get some.

Eat Breakfast.

Eat when baby eats. When making sure that the kids have everything they need, we often forget about ourselves. Personally, I try my best to prepare food for Atlas that we can share so that I don’t forget about myself. We like to eat fruits in the morning with a little Nutella and oatmeal. I will generally also have a glass of water along with my coffee or in place of it if I don’t feel the need for a coffee that morning.

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Brush Your hair.

Honestly, I don’t usually have time for anything other than throwing my hair up in a mom bun. Brushing my hair before I put it back up though makes me feel a little more put together. Theres something refreshing about brushing your hair rather than just leaving it in the knotted mess that its been  in all week.

Get Dressed.

Get yourself and baby dressed. I like to do this after breakfast because I let my son feed himself and it often gets extremely messy. When you take the time to dress up in the morning, rather than lounging in sweats all day, you behave a lot differently.


Go For A Walk.

I will say this over and over again but I love walks. my babies love being outdoors. it gets the blood flowing

To re-energize throughout the day, remember it is okay for you to let things go and just nap while baby naps. Nothing is as important as your self-care because if you’re not all there for yourself, you can’t be all there for your baby.

What does your morning routine include?

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Morning routine infograph by Atlas & Axel



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