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Atlas and Mom after c-section
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How To Pack For An Emergency C-Section

As I mentioned in a post I wrote before, 10 Things I Never Knew About C-Sections, most of us don’t go into labour anticipating a c-section to happen. For most of us it is just something that sneaks up on us and it is extremely scary! When I had Atlas, I did research on c-sections, but I never packed planning on it actually happening. There are a few things that I didn’t pack that I really wish I had brought with me. Instead of needing someone to run out and grab them afterward like I needed, try and pack these items just in case you end up needing an emergency c-section!

Packing your hospital bag, regardless of how you give birth, should be pretty simple. You don’t want to forget anything because it can be a pain to wait on someone going out to pick it up for you, but you don’t want to overpack either. The key to packing with the potential of an emergency c-section in mind is to make sure everything you pack will allow you to feel more comfortable. Also, you probably don’t want to make the same mistake as I did and only pack pants for your going home outfit!

When my first son was born, we brought a ton of stuff to the hospital with us. We ended up lugging around way too much stuff from triage to recovery room and out to the car again post-birth. It was terrible and a huge waste of time! So, the second time around we packed much less. 

Anyway, to keep things real simple, here is a hospital bag checklist. I’ve created this to hopefully allow for all mothers to be comfortable postpartum, whether they give birth vaginally or via c-section.

What To Pack To Prepare For A Potential C-Section:

The items in the checklist above were the only items I truly needed for myself during my hospital stay. The best advice I can give you is to not overthink your packing. Once you’re in the hospital and the baby is born, you won’t even really care about what’s in your bag because you’ll be too focused on your precious new baby! I didn’t even wear anything but hospital gowns the entire time I was in the hospital, if I’m being real here. 

What would you pack in your hospital bag to make you most comfortable during labour and postpartum?