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6 Instagram Moms Who Inspire Me

We look for inspiration everywhere. Within our families, in our daily lives and even on Instagram. When I first found out I was pregnant with Atlas, I felt a great compulsion to find people to look up to. People who I thought were great examples of mothers (aside from my own mom of course)! As I began blogging and created my own Instagram page, I wanted to find people who would inspire me. Inspire me not only as a mother, but also as a woman and a blogger.

These people I am sharing with you have had a huge impact on my motherhood journey. This impact doesn’t just come from the pictures that they post. Their actions, the captions they write and videos/stories they share, etc. are the things that show who they really are. I have found that following along with these moms and their journey’s has motivated me and made me a better person.

Here are the 6 Instagram influencer moms who inspire me:

Madeleine Bitici

Madeleine is such an amazing boy mom to Avian and Kanai. I found her through the instagram search feed and have been obsessed ever since! She often shares much of her journey through Instagram stories and I am always looking forward to watching them! Madeleine is so authentic and genuine! I aspire to be as real as her! She is a stay at home mom/fashion influencer who puts in so much hard work! Also, she is possibly the kindest person I’ve ever had the chance to talk to. I have to say, I find her so relatable! I really look up to Madeleine as a role model for my own life. Through her, I have learned that no matter who you are, all moms have struggles. It’s a normal part of motherhood. She owns a jewelry line called Nalia Jewelry which I definitely recommend checking out!

Lauren Gores Ireland

First of all, feed goals! Lauren is a mom to one cute kid, Evan. She is also the co-founder of her own business alongside Marianna Hewitt called Summer Fridays (aka the best clean beauty products out there)! Lauren’s Blog You & Lu was what really inspired me to begin a blog of my own. I enjoyed reading her posts and being able to relate to her on different levels. I aspire to create that kind of relatability with other mothers through my own life! Lauren’s ability to balance work & motherhood is something about her that inspires me the most! Her secret to doing so? It takes a village! She reminds me that its okay to have goals and do things for yourself even though you’re a mama.

Check out my post on the Top # Self-Care Products For Moms to read more about Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask.

Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow is a single mama of two, Wolf and Saskia, and in amazing shape (if you haven’t noticed). She runs her own empire in the fitness world, with her own fitness app and programs as well as her own Sports Clothing line, Saski Collection, while caring for her children. I found Tammy on Tumblr, actually, while looking up pregnancy fashion. Soon I found out that she and I have a similar story in regards to children — first pregnancy happened quickly, planned second one close together, both ended with a c-section. I really felt a connection to her. Although I definitely wasn’t as fit as her before, during and after pregnancy, she inspires me by letting me know it is possible. I had a hard time getting back into fitness after my c-section but I felt like if she can do it, so can I!


Here’s where the Early Childhood Educator in me shines through. Dimity is a mom to two girls and a creator of beautiful things. She is an inspiration to me because she brings the education of her children home (not just leaving it for school). I love how she uses nature to prompt her children’s growth and development! It is such a beautiful thing! I aspire to have that kind of impact in my own children’s lives. She really drives me to focus on holistic learning and education with my children and allowing them to be more independent with their creativity.

Jamie Fleetwood

Jamie was among one of the first mom blogs that I found on Instagram. She is a mom of one boy, Atlas Ford (great name btw!). I absolutely adore everything about her, from the aesthetics of her Instagram and blog to her complete honesty. She may not have as much of a following as the other mama’s I mentioned, but she has a great heart like them! Her writing is beautiful and when I found her blog I couldn’t stop reading. Following her on her motherhood journey is probably one of the top reasons I was encouraged to start my own blog! You can check out her blog HERE!

Jessica Limon

Jessica! Okay, so maybe you haven’t heard of her yet, but now you know who she is! Jessica is a mom to a little boy, Nix, and has a second baby on the way! I needed to add her to this list because Jess has been one of the moms who inspire me the most on this journey. All I can really say to explain her is that she is radiant. She is a ball of sunshine. If you are ever looking for someone to pick you up when you are down, she’s the person! Struggling with PPD, I’ve had many days where I just felt down and negative but she has been a big light in my life. The inspiring quotes she shares and beautiful sunny pictures of her family remind me to try and keep my thoughts positive!

Check out these awesome mama’s and maybe in some way they may inspire you too! Who are your biggest Instagram mama inspirations? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out!




  • Emily Manning

    Awesome list! I love making new mama friends. I think some of my favorite IG mamas are jeanwang, lolowebb, and amberfillerup. There are so many more to list!

  • Jackie

    These are great mamas to follow! Itโ€™s so refreshing to find genuine moms to follow and support!

  • Kim Nash

    My most inspiring insta mamas are Courtney Shields and Destiny Thompson.

  • Stacey Tidwell

    I know so many inspiring mamas!! All of these you shares are great!

  • Monica Villa

    All such great shares! Will definitely be following these mamas.

  • Latifah

    Oh my gosh what a great post to highlight these awesome mamas! I only know of Tammy and sheโ€™s great so I canโ€™t wait to check out the other ones! Thank you!

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