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5 Benefits Of Getting Dressed In The Morning

Wake up everyday and feel “blah”? Do you keep on your pj’s from the night before while you start off your work day from home? While pyjamas and sweatpants may be the comfiest thing in your closet, they may also be keeping from reaching your potential for the day. There are many benefits to getting yourself dressed for the day!

Check out some of the reasons below. 

It Energizes You

Just the simple act of getting up and putting effort into finding clothes to wear gets your body moving. Rather than going from your bed to your couch, you are moving around to look for your clothes and to take off the old and put on the new. This can act as a little “wake-me-up” to help you get started for the day! It leaves you feeling more refreshed!

It Brings You Motivation

Often we subconsciously associate what we are wearing with the mood that we are in. There is a term in psychology called “enclothed cognition.” This means that we connect the feeling we get from wearing certain clothes to our moods for the day. We essentially embody that feeling. Marie Kondo, in her book “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up” discusses how if you start to dress down all the time, the surroundings in your life begin to align with that too. Your house will become messy, you will lack organization. Chaotic outfits can lead to a chaotic life!

The important thing to remember here is that our thoughts are our reality, and when we are intentional, we can create a reality for ourselves rather than letting something else control it. If you want to be motivated, dress in something that you think is motivational. Wear something that makes you confident. 

You Will Feel Prepared For Anything

When you get dressed up for the day, you are preparing yourself for anything. Wether its someone delivering a package to your doorstep or a neighbour asking for help, being dressed up allows you to go to the door with confidence. Rather than being too embarrassed to go out, you will be prepared to just go ahead and do what needs to get done. 

It Can Help You Build Other Habits

The simple act of creating a habit can help push you to build more habits. Once your mind gets stronger and more used to doing something repetitively, you are more likely to have the ability to do that in other areas as well. Getting dressed up for the day may lead to you building a skincare routine habit, or make you more motivated to sit down and set intentions for your day. Once you’re up and have that motivation mindset, the energy will keep flowing. 

You Will Feel More Productive

Like we mentioned before, getting dressed up for the day can give you more energy. That along with choosing an outfit that puts you in a great mood will allow you to feel more productive. If you are working from home and usually have to wear business casual attire for work, get up and put on that business casual attire. Your mind will strongly make a connection between what you are wearing and how productive you usually are while wearing it. Likewise, if you get up and stay in your pj’s, your brain is wired to making the connection with your bed and being tired. 

Getting dressed in the morning sets the tone for your entire day. More than we would like to believe, our physical life has a large impact on our mindset. Dressing up can be as important as getting exercise when it comes to the state of our minds. Does this mean that you need to be waking up and putting on a suit every day? No, but you should be changing your clothes from what you wore to bed into something that makes YOU feel more productive and confident! 

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