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15 New Years Resolutions for Moms

(And How To Make Them Last!)

I have never been one to care much about New Years Resolutions because, honestly, I’ve always been in a good mindset around this time. This year, I have been battling Postpartum Depression and it has caused so many areas of my life to deteriorate. However, with the new year here, it is the perfect opportunity to push me to really start fresh! Maybe you’re like me and you really want to take this year to get your health in check to be better for your children. Maybe you want to save some money for a family trip or make a personal attitude change. Whatever it is, I’m here to encourage you to go for it! You know the saying, “New Year, New Me,” and 2021 is the perfect excuse to get up and make that change you’ve been dying to make!

15 New Years Resolutions For Moms

  • Get Healthy
  • Set Up a Routine 
  • Save Money 
  • Become Minimalistic
  • Spend More Quality Time With Family
  • Make New Friends
  • Be More Optimistic
  • Be More Patient
  • Put Your Relationship First
  • Dress Up More Often
  • Be More Present
  • Take More Photos
  • Make Play Educational (and fun!)
  • Get More Sleep (when you can)
  • Get Organized


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1. Get Healthy

Physically. Go back to the gym. Change your eating habits. Get some blood work done and make sure you don’t have any deficiencies. 

Mentally. Practice meditation. Learn Yoga. Begin Journalling. Practice the art of gratitude. Drop bad habits. 

2. Set A Routine

Daily routine. Morning routine. Skin Care routine. Bedtime routine. Nap time routine for the kids. Eating meals at regular times. 

3. Save Money 

Set a daily budget. Set a monthly budget. Sit down with your husband and talk finances. Open a savings account. Talk to a financial advisor. Open a retirement fund. Open an educational fund for your children. Practice sustainable living.

4. Become Minimalistic

Declutter your home. Stop buying things you don’t need. 

5. Spend More Quality Time With Family

Find activities that you all enjoy. Put your phone away. Be in the moment more often. Be intentional about things your do together. Set aside a day of the week just for family. Start traditions. Listen to your children’s wants, needs and dreams. 

6.  Make New Friends

Attend mommy and me classes. Meet people who understand what you are going through. Drop people who had no value to your life. 

7. Be More Optimistic

More appreciation. Less complaining. Surround yourself with positive people. Practice gratitude. Let go of expectations. Meditate. 

8. Be More Patient

Breathe. Pray. Take joy in watching your children figure out the little things in life. Remember that your children learning is more important than being somewhere on time. Focus on the moment and not the always on the future. 

9. Put Your Relationship First 

Schedule date nights. Make time to connect. Remind yourself, when the kids grow up its going to be just the two of you again. Be united as parents. Let your relationship be an example to your children for their future relationships. Say I Love You everyday. Learn each other’s love language. 

10. Dress Up More Often 

Put on make-up. Wear your nice clothes. Go out. Stay home. Sometimes when you know you look good, you feel good too!

11. Be Present

Put your phone away. Put all electronics away. Get down on the floor and play with your children. Teach them to bake. Draw with them. Do science experiments. Find out all of their interests. Give more hugs and kisses. Really listen to everything they tell you. Use all of your senses and make new memories. 

12.  Take More Photos

Get professional family photos taken. Forget how you feel about how you look and take the picture anyway. Capture the small moments. Capture the big moments. Set up a tripod and clicker so you can take photos without pulling your attention away. Ask someone to take pictures for you while you interact with your family. 

13. Make Play Educational (And Fun!)

Buy more open ended toys. Ask your kids questions while they play to engage their minds. Talk about everything. Be intentional about activities. Let it get messy. Be loud. Let them be silly. Let them be serious. Don’t be afraid of hearing “why?” Let your children lead. 

14. Get More Sleep (When You Can)

Take naps when the kids nap. Go to bed early. Put errands and chores aside for once and just let yourself rest. Even if you can’t sleep, try and take more moments to relax.

15. Get Organized

Buy storage bins. Find a place for everything and be intentional about putting them back when you are done. Teach your children to put things away on their own. Practice minimalism. Buy file folders for all your important and loose paper. 

New Years Resolutions List

How To Make Them Stick

Picking your New Years Resolutions is one thing, but its a whole other thing to actually follow through with the new habit. According to Forbes Magazine, only 8% of people follow through with their resolutions! I find that so crazy, but also know from my own experience that the few times I have set resolutions I have failed within the first month. This year, to help you, here are a few tips to make those resolutions stick.

Learn That Motivation Is Garbage

I’m going to ask you to really think about this one. Television host, author and motivational speaker Mel Robbins does an amazing TEDx Talk on How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over and has another talk called Motivation Is Garbage. Basically, what she explains is that we will never be “motivated” to do the hard things in life and when we understand that and change our way of thinking, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

I heard about Mel’s talks through my family doctor when I went in to talk about my Postpartum Depression and I am so thankful that he shared this with me instead of trying to prescribe a medicine right away! When you’re done reading this, I highly recommend you go ahead and check out those videos that I linked above.

Break Up Your Resolution Into Goals.

By definition, a resolution is “a firm decision to do or not do something,” but somewhere along the way it became known as a goal you set but forget right away. One way that I like to accomplish what I want is to break my big goal up into smaller, more specific, more achievable goals. For example, in 2019, one of my New Years Resolutions was that I wanted to launch my blog. That seemed overwhelming on its own, so I decided to break it down. My smaller goals were:

  1. Find a topic to write about that I felt I had a lot of knowledge on,
  2. Create a brand identity, and
  3. Research digital marketing so that I could share my blog across a wider audience.

Focus On Your Why

Many times when we give up on a goal it is because we forget the reason we are doing it in the first place. Sometimes, all it takes is reminding yourself over and over why you made the decision you did.

Have A Plan

Don’t just pick your New Years Resolutions and continue on with your same old life. When you really want to make a change, you need to have a plan. Similar to setting smaller goals, you want to map out the steps on how you will achieve that goal. When do you want to accomplish it by? These things will help you stay on track when you feel like you are about to fall off.

Make Sure Your Resolution is Realistic

Pick a goal that you know you are within your means. Don’t make your resolution be to look like a certain celebrity when you know that they are built a completely different way than you. Don’t make a resolution to become an NBA player within a year when you don’t even know how to play basketball. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make big goals, they just need to be something that you know you can achieve if you set your mind on it.

Write It Down Somewhere And Track It

Writing down a goal and tracking your progress is a great way to maintain your New Years Resolutions! When we can see how we are doing, it can encourage us to keep going or show us that we need to put in more effort. Many people like to create a bullet journal to track their goals and habits!

Tell Someone About It

Similarly, you can keep yourself accountable by telling someone. Ask someone that you trust if you can come to them when you are struggling with your New Years Resolution. It helps if this person is someone who you are in contact with daily and can remind you of your goals if they notice you slacking before you do.

Practice Gratitude

Sometimes difficult, but much needed. We often forget of what we have already accomplished when working toward a new goal. Something that helps me keep things in perspective is thinking about how grateful I am for what I currently have. It’s not always easy, but it can help you go a long way!

Reward Yourself

Finally, one of the best ways to stick to your New Years Resolutions is by rewarding yourself. Pick something that you really desire and tell yourself that you will only get it once you have been successful with your goal. Also, remember those little goals that I said you should set on your way to the big one? Give yourself smaller rewards for reaching those goals too! It can be something as simple as going out to eat only once you’ve achieved it. A rewards system will help keep the momentum going, even when you don’t want to.

Good luck in 2021, and I wish you all the best! (And go check out the Motivation is Garbage video! I promise, it’ll really change your perspective on things!)

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Sean Patrick Flanery



  • Latifah

    Thank you so much for this! My favorite two are get healthy and be present! It’s so easy to get swept up in everything else and miss those important moments with our family! I also love that you said be healthy and not lose weight, it needs to be said more! Great list and so many of those I plan on implementing into my own life over this next year!

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