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What’s In My Diaper Bag: 12 Diaper Bag Essentials

As a new mom, leaving the house to run errands can sometimes be a bit intimidating. Add in a second child and you’ll feel like chaos is bound to happen! We can’t control how our babies will behave, but we can take some measures to ensure that we are best prepared for any situation. That is why I have made a list of the 12 absolute diaper bag essentials you need to ensure that every day out is successful with a baby (or two)!

Below you will find all the items that I find crucial to bring with me when I take Atlas and Axel out for the day. Whether it’s a trip to the mall, going on a walk or visiting family it is important to be prepared! Keep in mind, I write this as a mom who formula feeds. Sorry, I have no experience going out while breastfeeding.

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12 Diaper Bag Essentials:


The amount of diapers you bring will depend on the age of your baby. Younger babies tend to need changing more frequently. Remember to keep that in mind while packing. I typically like to keep a minimum of 8-10 diapers in the diaper bag per child. I know this is a lot, but at least if we don’t use all of them we are still prepared if we pop out of the house briefly for a walk the next day!


This is an absolute crucial item! Not only are wipes great for changing your baby (imagine a poopy diaper and nothing to clean it up!), but if you come across any sort of mess or germs, they are a necessity! I use wipes to clean up everything!

Change Mat

My diaper bag comes with a change mat attached. This is just in case we don’t have a change table available, also because public change tables are used by many babies. While working in daycares, we are required to wear gloves to protect ourselves while handling bodily fluids. Because of this, I am hyper aware that there are some diseases that happen to be passed along through bodily fluids. Having protection, for this reason, has become second nature to me.

Diaper Rash Cream

It is good to keep a sample size zinc based cream in the diaper bag just in case your baby has a rash. Even if they don’t, they could potentially develop one while out because they’re sitting in their wet diaper for too long. I like to use a spray diaper rash cream (like This One from the Honest Company!) for on-the-go because there is less mess to it!

Bottles & Formula

I generally like to have two bottles in my bag for Axel. One of those bottles are pre-made, so that it is immediately ready for him when he needs it. The second is filled with water ready to be made as needed. I portion my formula powder into small containers that fit into the diaper bag for easier storage. You should have a general idea of how much your baby usually eats, so remember to portion accordingly!


Just like the baby needs to eat, your older kids need to eat too! I usually like to keep snacks and some water in the diaper bag for Atlas because he tends to be calmer when he has something to munch on throughout the day. It doesn’t hurt to keep a little treat in your bag for yourself either!

Spare Outfits

I always keep at least one spare outfit in the diaper bag for each of my boys. Sometimes they spit up, have an accident, or make a mess while eating. It is important to keep your kids as comfortable as possible! I would hate to have to leave my babies in soiled clothes and have to cut our day short just to go home and clean up!

Receiving Blanket

These are always great to have around for after feedings because, your baby may spit up after eating. They’re also handy just in case you need to clean up a mess otherwise. Axel drools a lot so these are helpful in cleaning that up!


Be ready for baby to eat wherever you go! Atlas doesn’t usually make a huge mess while eating so bibs are generally good to stay in the diaper bag for a while without replacing, but it’s good to have one in your bag for days when you’re out longer than expected and need to feed on the go. I find it ideal to have a silicon bib that is easy to clean up after eating and put right back in my bag!


Spoons are great because even if your baby can eat solid foods from restaurants while you are out or at a friends place, the spoons they have are often too big for the little baby’s mouth. This used to happen often with Atlas. 

Small Toys or Rattles

Entertainment while travelling is pretty essential to me because babies can get really bored while sitting for long periods of time. I have noticed that it is best to have these item attached to the stroller or carseat so that if your baby throws it, they can just as easily grab the toy back up again. Unfortunately for me, Atlas knows how to undo those clips that are supposed to keep toys attached to the seat already!

Portable Diaper Genie 

This is not necessary, but it certainly is helpful to have. Sometimes I have to do a quick diaper change while we are out and there isn’t a place for me to throw the diaper. I like to carry around my portable diaper genie poop bags to put the diapers in. I do this to prevent the smell from spreading everywhere until I get the chance to toss it. Also, the refills are so cheap, its so worth it!

So there you have it! 12 diaper bag essentials for a day trip with your babies! Before you go, here are a few extra tips for leaving the house with your children:

  • Let them move around as much as possible to burn off energy
  • Pack your diaper bag ahead of time if you already know you’re going out
  • Have some coffee so you can keep up with the kids!

What are your baby essentials for traveling? Is there anything that you find crucial to getting through a day trip with your baby that isn’t on this list?

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